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6 weeks checklist - international removalist

Moving Overseas Checklist

Even kids love to do a checklist when they travel. Our 6 week moving overseas checklist guide helps our clients prepare the critical part of moving overseas. Follow the checklist to help you in your move and call us to book our moving services.

Choosing The Best International Relocation Quote For Your Move.

Hiring the most reliable international relocation company and acquiring the lowest quote when moving overseas combined makes or break your relocation experience. Either you are moving overseas for a new life or going back home, choosing the right international moving company for your goods is critical. We are moving our lives to a new destination, […]

International Household removalist

7 Tips For Choosing A Reliable Household Removalist.

To differentiate the good from the great, here is a list of features to look for in a top-quality household removalist: Complete Services and Equipment. An experienced household removal company should offer complete removal services. All over Australia people are moving in and moving out of houses, apartments, offices and other buildings. Choose a household […]

cheapest palces to live in Asia

Cheapest Places to Live in Asia

If you plan to have a full stop for a year or two, looking for cheapest places to live in Asia should be top of your priority list. If you ask a group of backpackers where the absolute cheapest places to be, they will give you a decade old answer for these countries – India, […]

Moving to Australia

Moving to Australia: Learning the Australian Culture

Country profile Tidbits of Australian Culture that visitors and immigrants should know when Moving to Australia. A multi-cultural society The original population of Australia was made up of Aboriginal Australians (Aborigines). In the 17th century the British started to settle in the newly claimed land and this led to migration of people of British and […]

Relocating with children

Moving with children: 10 MUST read tips

Relocating overseas is hard, but nothing is harder than having to tell your son or daughter they’d have to leave their room for reasons only you understand. Watch as how their face expression changes while the thought of leaving their beloved room sinks in. There is no way around this, but there are a few […]

furniture removalist in Melbourne

Furniture Removalists in Melbourne– Can Ease the Stress

One of the biggest chores that a person has in life is that of moving from your home in Melbourne into another state or country. This can be a very time consuming process and a lot of people are more than willing to pay the price to have a reliable removalist do the work for […]

Not personal effects

What are not considered as Personal Effects?

Why is the Department of Agriculture interested in personal effects and household goods? Australia’s unique environment and important agricultural industries are free from many pests and diseases found in other parts of the world. However, the movement of personal effects can create a pathway for the introduction of exotic pests or diseases (biosecurity risks). For […]

Cargo Insurance

Thought of cargo insurance when relocating?

  Any other good reasons why to get a cargo insurance?     Photo credits to: Google Images and


Which type of moving boxes to use?

  Wrapping and packing your items properly for your international relocation is essential. Using the right type of moving boxes determines the safety of your goods, wrong boxes could lead to damages during transport and handling. Though there is always cargo insurance, some items are irreplaceable. Lets check out what the type of moving boxes […]

Types of shiping container dimensions - international removals

Shipping Container Dimensions

For a fact, only Australians and a partial neighbors know the term “Removalist” and what they do. It is not even included in the English dictionary. We have local or interstate removalists and the international removalists. Lets talk about international removalists, these are the companies that will help you in your international relocation. There are […]

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