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International Removalist FAQ

International Removalist Frequently Asked Questions

Lets avoid common and first time mistakes in relocating overseas.
Please carefully read through our FAQ list.

Q: Benefits I get choosing my removalist through World Relocations Group?
A: World Relocations Group oversees every single shipment from door to door on your behalf. All our members are handpicked to adhere to our code of conduct and exceptional levels of service. They’re only allowed to become members once they have proven they have the necessary equipment, vehicles, premises and staff training needed to complete a professional move.
Q: What is the best time to book a removalist?
A: We’re very flexible in helping you move and we only need a few days’ notice to arrange the entire move on your behalf. However, it’s certainly a good idea to book your collection date well in advance so you’re guaranteed that we’ll be able to arrange the collection on your preferred date. The sooner you lock in the collection date, the higher the chance we’ll be available on that day to assist. We understand that dates can change so you should confirm your collection date a week in advance so we know everything is on track.
Q: Do I need to fill out an inventory list?
A: You’ll need to complete an inventory list if you’re packing items yourself but the removalist will arrange the packing list if they’re packing it. The inventory list is compulsory for all destination customs requirements and will also be required if there’s an insurance claim.
Q: When will I hear back from the removalists?
A: You’ll hear from one of our removalists within 24 hours of your initial contact. We’ll determine the best removalist that’s suited to your specific needs and they’ll contact you as soon as we have forwarded them your needs and contact details.
Q: How do I choose between the different companies/price categories?
A: You’ll no doubt have received many quotations for your move and every one of them will cover different services. Make sure you read through the quotations and pay special attention to the inclusions and exclusions of service. If you’re unsure as to what you really need, ask us and we’ll talk you through every single item so you can understand what you’ve been quoted for. There will be quotations that appear cheaper but may in fact end up costing a lot more. We’re even happy to talk you through other quotations so you can compare them to ours.
Q: Can I use my own boxes for packing?
A: Yes you can, just make sure the boxes are sturdy and durable to avoid any item damages during transit. If you’re arranging your own packing and looking for in transit marine cover, please make sure you read the policy very carefully.
Q: Do I have to pay up front?
A: All shipments need to be paid for prior to the shipment being loaded on the ship. The Removalist will confirm the final cost and raise an invoice to you. Once the invoice has been paid, your shipment will be loaded into the shipping container and placed on board the vessel that week.
Q: Am I expected to give the working removalists any food or drinks?
A: There’s absolutely no need to provide food and drinks to the Removalist staff whilst they’re packing. They’ll have their own drinks but there’s no doubt they’ll appreciate anything they’re offered.
Q: Can I move my plants, food, fridge?
A: Your fridge will need to be turned off the night before the collection date. The fridge must be cleaned and dried thoroughly prior to the Removalist wrapping and packing it. Absolutely no food stuffs or plants can be internationally shipped.
Q: What about canned / tinned food?
A: No canned or tinned food can be shipped.
Q: If my furniture/effects is wrapped in plastic, will it sweat?
A: It’s very rare for any items to sweat while in transit but please do not polish any items within a couple of weeks of the move. Polishing items can certainly cause moisture and sweating.
Q: Does my stuff stay in the same truck that picks it up?
A: This will depend on the size of the shipment and your location. Generally you’re effects will be wrapped and packed at your premises and then taken back to the depot for final palletizing, shrink-wrapping and photos. They will then be loaded into the shipping container and sent to the port. There will be occasions where they will be transported to the export bonded warehouse for packing into the shipping container.
Q: What if I can’t be at the property when the stuff/shipment arrives?
A.You’ll need to arrange for an adult to be present during the delivery process. They’ll need to act on your behalf and note any damages or missing items during delivery. You’ll need to check time constraints on claims with your insurance provider if you’re going to be away for an extended period. Under no circumstances will your shipment be left at an address without an adult being in attendance.
Q: Where can I get information about how to prepare for a removal?
A: You can visit our site and printout our moving checklist. This will help you organize what you need to do and when you need to do it. Please note that it’s only a guide and should only bed used a guide.
Q: Do I need to have insurance?
A: Customers are under no obligation to take out transit insurance and if they decide to, it is their choice as to whom they take it out with. You can read through our transit insurance policy and decide if you would like to proceed with it.
Q: Who can I contact for assistance or support?
A: You’re always welcome to contact the removalist and the overseas customs agent prior to or during the move but we recommend an email or phone call to our customer service department. Our trained staff will know where your shipment is and can talk you through any aspect of your shipment. You may also feel more comfortable talking freely with us if you have any concerns as we can certainly get any concerns resolved quickly. Remember, we’re here to assist you through the entire moving process. Call us on 61 03 9111 0249 or email us at
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