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New Zealand Self-Pack Specials

The above rates include the delivery of the shipping container, placement on the ground, collection once packed, export customs clearance, delivery to the port, Australian port charges and the ocean freight to the destination port. The rate excludes all New Zealand services.


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Self Pack Process

Packing your own container is becoming very popular for people who are prepared to do a little extra work to potentially save thousands of dollars.  You have up to a week to load the container and we can place it on the ground at your house, a storage facility or on your street.  We have clients that load the container themselves, have a BBQ and invite friends to help or pay a local removalist some cash to load on their behalf.  Whichever way you decide to pack your container, you’re well on the way to saving a small fortune.

How does it Work?


  • We deliver the container and place it on the ground in your driveway, street or at a storage facility if your goods are located there.
  • We collect the container once you have loaded it.
  • We deliver it to the port and ship it to the port destination port.
  • We give you a list of 4 agents at the destination port which you can contact and negotiate a rate with or you can find your own people to assist.

Our rates include the delivery of the container, collection of the container, delivery to port, export customs clearance, Pre Receiving Advise for the port, Australian port charges and the ocean freight and shipping line charges through to the arrival port.  All destination charges such as port dues, clearance and delivery are to be arranged at the destination.

What Do I need To Do?


  • You need to arrange the wrapping and packing of your items and loading into the shipping container.
  • You need to keep a detailed packing list of all items loaded into the container.
  • You need to arrange or use an agent to customs clear and deliver your goods upon arrival.
  • If you’re loading a vehicle you’ll need to clean it thoroughly, disconnect the battery, drain the fuel tank and lash and strap it inside the container.  We can also arrange a Roro Ferry service to most destinations.

How Do You Make It An Easy Process For Us?


  • We arrange all technical aspects of the shipping.
  • We send you a country guide for your destination country which explains all of the customs and quarantine requirements.
  • We give you a list of agents you can contact to obtain great rates and services.
  • We provide videos that explain how to pack items and load the container.
  • We can offer you a rate through to your destination residence if you like.

Can I Use My Own Container?


You can certainly use your own container as long as it’s sea worthy and has the CSC Plate. We need a copy of the CSC Plate and the seaworthy certificate which would have been supplied to you with the container. If you don’t have these then you can get your container surveyed and have them issued. Please contact us if you need a surveyor.

Clients are discovering that they’re obtaining really good rates for the destination customs clearance and door delivery by engaging with multiple agents and requesting cash discounts.  2-3 hours on the phone or emailing back and forth is generally enough time to have it all sorted.

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